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Swiping right on your career: how job hoppers are the Tinder generation of the workforce

By Kinexus on 11 July 2019
Disclaimer: this article is not so much about being “single and ready to mingle” as it is about workforce trends and changes in the Australian Defence Industry. If that’s not what you were expecting, we’re sorry to disappoint, but we think you’ll find it super interesting anyway! We are living in the “Tinder Generation” of workforces. It might sound like a strange analogy, but it works. As a society, we have a stronger sense of entitlement and choice than ever before – thanks to the rise of technology, and the sense of instant gratification that comes with it. Everyone always has one eye open for the next opportunity. Will the next swipe be better? Could another job be better?
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3 ways Defence companies are losing out on great talent

By Kinexus on 27 June 2019
The Defence Industry is a tough market for talent. Ask any recruitment consultant and they'll tell you the same thing: quality candidates are thin on the ground. With massive projects like SEA1000, SEA5000, LAND400, and JSF – just to name a few – all going on at the same time, the Australian Defence Industry is growing fast. While this is exciting, the fact is we have more open jobs to fill than skilled candidates to fill them with. To put it mildly, it’s a candidate-short market; and it’s only going to get tighter over the next 5 years. As recruiters for the Defence Industry, we’ve seen companies lose out on excellent candidates in many different ways. I’m going to share with you the top three, and hopefully it won’t happen to you.
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What it's Like Working for an MSP

By Kinexus on 13 June 2019
Giuliana is a passionate leader at Jacobs Australia. As the Program Manager responsible for the Jacobs Major Service Provider (MSP) contract with Aerospace Combat Systems (ACS) Branch and the Newcastle Operations Manager (Aero), she manages a large team across multiple locations to deliver high-level consulting services. Giuliana has completed degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Project Management. She has over ten years’ experience as a project manager, a background which has prepared her to understand the technical challenges her client faces in aerospace projects, delivery and sustainment. We sat down with Giuliana to understand what life is like working at an MSP in the Australian Defence Industry.
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6 Things Going on in the Defence SME Market

By Kinexus on 30 May 2019
Small to medium enterprise businesses (SMEs) make up around 3,000 organisations within the Australian Defence Industry, comprising about 50% of total Defence Sector employment. With the top 20 SMEs seeing revenue figures of $670 million, it’s clear the SME market is a significant contributor to the Defence Industry. Every six months, Kinexus compiles the data and intel gathered from around 30,000 conversations with Defence Industry members, published as our Defence Industry Insights. From our conversations, a significant development we have noted is that the Defence SME market is experiencing a period of growth, and going through unique changes that will have a flow-on effect to the wider industry. In Kinexus’ Defence Industry Insights – Fifth Edition, we spoke to SME representatives about their thoughts on the current position and challenges of the Defence SME market, as well as their insights about the Defence Integrated Investment Program (DIIP). While there were a range of responses, we have identified several key themes. Read on for Kinexus’ summary of the collated responses of the Australian Defence SME market.
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The Gender Diversity Landscape in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 16 May 2019
Australia is not short on male-dominated industries: Mining, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, engineering; all sit well under the 50% mark when it comes to equal male/female representation. But that’s not even considering one of the most influential and male-dominated spaces within the Australian business world: the Defence Industry. We need to talk about gender diversity within our industry: what does it look like, what are we doing about it, and why is it so important for us to get it right?
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A Map of the Current Projects Across Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 2 May 2019
With so many projects and activities on the go, it’s hard to get your head around what’s happening in the Defence Industry. Lucky for you, Kinexus has made it easy with our Current Projects breakdown in the Defence Industry Insights – Fifth Edition. Get a glimpse of current and upcoming projects and activities across the Australian Defence Industry on the map below for a simple visual representation of the state of play throughout the nation.
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Defence Industry Hiring Intentions for 2019

By Kinexus on 17 April 2019
In the three years since the Defence White Paper was published the Defence Industry has evolved in many ways. Increased federal funding and prioritisation have resulted in growth across the industry, which presents a wealth of opportunities and challenges. To help inform the industry we serve, we published our fifth edition of the Kinexus Defence Industry Insights in February 2019. In compiling the publication, we conducted a detailed analysis of the hiring intentions of defence engineering and technology companies by consulting business leaders and managers about their hiring intentions over the next 12 to 18 months. We found that:
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Breakdown by State of What’s Going on in the Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 4 April 2019
Today we’re releasing the fifth edition of the Defence Industry Insights -  AKA DII5. One thing on everyone’s minds is how the changes happening throughout the Industry will look across each state. Where is the work? What states need what talent? What workforce competition/shortage will there be with so much happening? Have a read of our snippets below to get a simple breakdown of what’s happening state-by-state in 2019. To get the full comprehensive industry report, download the Kinexus Defence Industry Insights – Fifth Edition.
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A Wrap-Up of What's Happening Across Our Defence Sectors

By Kinexus on 21 March 2019
Kinexus are ready to release the latest edition of our Defence Industry Insights, a bi-annual publication we spend six months collating, scrutinizing, and interpreting for the benefit of the Defence community. In the Defence Industry Insights – Fifth Edition, we take a deep dive into current trends and activity happening within the Defence Sector, as well as the future of things to come. It’s an interesting time for the Defence Industry. With a Federal election looming, multiple projects all on the go at once, and increased competition for skilled workers from adjacent industries, there’s a lot of pressure on our already limited talent pool. With most acquisition programs aware, clients are facing added challenges around workforce supply and demand. As a whole, the industry is moving towards greater integration and collaboration, but within each sector there are unique roles and actions that impact its trends and requirements. To understand how these changes affect you, Kinexus has provided a snapshot of what’s happening in each sector.
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The Most Common Fears About Contracting, and How to Kick Them to the Curb

By Kinexus on 7 March 2019
When it comes to the Defence Industry, the rate of companies taking on contractors is rising faster than the rate of change in our Prime Minister. It’s a great time to dip into the contracting community, but there are understandably some hesitations when it comes to being the nomads – albeit richer nomads - of the workforce. Here are some of those common reservations on jumping into the contractor space – and why they’re not as bad as you think:
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