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Four Vital Interview Tips for Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 26 April 2018
As Defence Industry grows and searches for the talent needed to deliver its upcoming projects, it is increasingly becoming a candidate’s market. High-quality applicants are getting responses more frequently when looking for work. But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean you will be able to walk into any role you like. Defence Industry knows what it wants from its candidates and isn’t afraid to wait for the right person to come along. That might be you; but if you don’t know how to conduct yourself in an interview, you might miss the opportunity. There is a lot of information out there on how to do well in interviews, from preparation tips, to how to answer common interview questions; but Defence Industry is a complex beast with its own requirements. To avoid disappointment and ensure you are putting your best foot forward in any Defence Industry interview, follow these four key guidelines.
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Tackling The Challenges of Transitioning Out of The Forces

By Kinexus on 19 April 2018
The Defence Industry as a whole is a rich tapestry of primes, consultancies and SME’s. Given the increased demand for defence knowledge and skills, it will be critical to have a supportive environment for ADF personnel to transition into the private sector. Kinexus spoke to leaders in our industry who have successfully navigated this transition and compiled their insights.
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How to Maximise LinkedIn to Find Work in Defence Industry: Do’s and Don’ts

By Kinexus on 12 April 2018
LinkedIn has over 500 million members and a growth rate of two professionals per second. It’s currently the go-to platform for networking professionals. The small world that is Defence Industry is growing smaller still, as defence and Defence Industry employees come together to share news, insights, advice and fortunately for you, make connections to better their careers. LinkedIn is being used more and more in Defence Industry to grow careers, forge industry bonds and even source talent for upcoming positions. As the relationship between defence and industry keeps growing stronger, it’s important you utilise and navigate this valuable resource. Remember to keep in mind the importance of using LinkedIn in a way that pays tribute to Defence Industry’s unique characteristics, where the rules of engagement are different to other industries. If you’re looking to find work in the Defence Industry and make the most out of LinkedIn, keep these four key points in mind...
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Defence Industry State Overviews

By Kinexus on 5 April 2018
There is no doubt that Australia’s Defence Industry is embarking on a period of significant change, and exciting opportunities will be provided by new procurement and sustainment projects across the country. So, what’s happening in your state? Read our insights below to understand what is driving demand, and what skills are hot right now.
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A Round-up of the CASG Defence Support Services Panel Induction Briefing

By Kinexus on 29 March 2018
Last Wednesday I attended the CASG Defence Support Services (DSS) panel induction briefing in Canberra. The DSS panel will replace the current CAS-SS panel on 20 April 2018 as the mechanism for Defence to access professional services from industry. The DSS panel will differ from its predecessor largely in that a proportion of the work will be awarded to Major Service Providers (MSP) in the form of Integrated Work Packages (IWP). An IWP will allow an MSP and its partner organisations to invest in long-term workforces through the provision of long-term services contracts with CASG. Each MSP has SME participation performance benchmark, although this target varies by MSP. Thought I would share some of the takeaways.
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Our Defence Industry Insights – Third Edition

By Kinexus on 22 March 2018
It’s here. Today we release our Kinexus Defence Industry Insights - Third Edition! We are excited to share our intel with the industry, particularly during this time of significant change and expansion. With the recent announcement of major project LAND 400 and the imminent release of SEA 5000, as well as structural reform, the Defence Sector will present a wealth of challenges and opportunities. However, one of the most noteworthy challenges will be a shortage of skilled workers.
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How Did You Get There? An Interview with Dan Curtis

By Kinexus on 15 March 2018
Dan Curtis, Fincantieri Australia’s Seaworthiness Manager, has years of experience in leadership and management, effective planning and implementing complex projects within Govt. and Civil. He’s a respected leader of diverse, multifaceted teams with an Executive Masters in Complex Project Management and a Bachelor of Engineering, Naval Architecture. We chat with Dan about how his career has developed over the years and what advice he has for others.
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Our Australian Defence Sector Overview

By Kinexus on 8 March 2018
The Defence Sector is undergoing significant change. The concurrence of significant growth in the procurement budget, structural reform in the public sector and new market entrants all lead to opportunities as well as challenges. The upcoming Kinexus third edition Defence Industry Insights will provide an update on the state of the Defence Industry workforce and explores the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry. In order to provide the industry we serve with timely intel, here is a sneak peek into what is going on in each Defence Industry sector at the moment.
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2018 ADM Congress

By Kinexus on 1 March 2018
It was standing room only for many delegates at this year’s ADM Congress in Canberra. There were many notable speakers, but I thought I would focus on the numbers man, Dr Andrew Davies from ASPI, who was a stand out as usual. His analysis of the numbers provides some perspective on some of the topics of the moment.
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Skills In Demand and Skill Trends

By Kinexus on 22 February 2018
It is almost time for the release of our third edition of the Kinexus Defence Industry Insights. We are passionate about sharing our insights with the industry and are eager to provide timely intel that helps our industry make informed decisions. With that in mind, here is a sneak peek into trends impacting workforce demand and the top skill sets in demand over the next 12 months.
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