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6 Words You Should Stop Using, Especially in an Interview

By Kinexus on 13 May 2015
We all use them. Everyday. And they’re a waste of breath – crutch words. Chances are, you don’t even realise how often you use them. They become so ingrained in the way we speak they creep into our sentences, without notice and without adding any substance to what we’re saying. When you’re aiming to make a strong impression, such as in an interview, choosing your words carefully and getting to the point is wise. The good news is, if you manage to kick the crutch you’ll sound more articulate, more thoughtful – smarter. Crutch words are individual but there are a few which are very common.
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Answer That Salary Question Right

By Kinexus on 5 November 2013
‘So Mr Candidate, what are your salary expectations for this role?’ STOP! The next thing that you say can have a big impact on your life. I have seen a developing sense of mutual respect and trust shattered in this moment through ill conceived high/low ball numbers. Preparing the correct response to this question starts days, weeks, or even months beforehand.
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