10 Tips for Interviewing for a Role in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 11 October 2018

Job interviews are one of the most important stages of any job application process.

Interviews help a prospective employer build their knowledge of you and get a sense of whether you are a good fit for their organisation. This is particularly important in Defence Industry, where collaboration and cohesion are key to project delivery.

How you come across in an interview represents what an employer can expect from you moving forward, so it’s imperative you put your best foot forward from the very start. To make the most of the current and upcoming opportunities, follow these ten tips for interviewing in Defence Industry.

1. Confirm the logistics

Make sure you enquire about the exact process of getting to and arriving at a Defence Industry interview. Many defence buildings involve sign-in or security processes on entry. Make sure you factor this into your travel time and bring a form of photo ID just in case.

2. Prepare key examples of relevant work history and achievements

Prepare tangible examples of your experience and achievements, including the situation, task, actions taken and result. Using the STAR Method is an effective way to communicate your achievements in an interview.

3. Do your research on the company and important projects

Gain an in-depth understanding of the company, their standing in the industry, their services and products and any major projects they’re involved with. The more knowledge you go in with, the more you can engage in discussions and impress the interviewers. Start with an industry and project overview from our Defence Industry Insights.

4. Know who you’re meeting

If possible, get the names and titles of your interviewers. Defence Industry is a small world so tap into your network and the LinkedIn search function. The more you can learn about their character and experience, the more you can tailor your responses and build rapport.

5. Build rapport

Though much of Defence Industry is about efficiency, make sure you take the time to build rapport before getting down to business. A large part of any interview is assessing cultural fit. Make sure you bring you to the interview along with your experience and qualifications. Don’t forget to maintain good eye contact and open body language.

6. Time the salary conversation

The time and content of a salary discussion are critical to any application process. The best time to talk about money is once they announce they want you for the role. If they don’t raise the topic of salary in the interview, make sure you don’t either. Read How to Answer That Salary Question Right for insight into how to answer if it does come up.

7. Listen to questions carefully before responding

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to respond to a question without thinking about it first. For every question, make sure you listen with the intent to understand and not just react. Don’t be afraid to clarify the question or take a minute to think about your answer before responding.

8. Maintain your confidentiality and discretion

Confidentiality is key to Defence Industry, and your reputation can be lost quickly through divulging sensitive information. Always make it clear that discretion, security and safety are among your top priorities.

9. Always be respectful

In Defence Industry everyone knows everyone, and people talk. Even if you had a bad experience with an employer, organisation, project or peer, make sure to either keep this to yourself or frame it in a positive, constructive way if asked.

10. Tell the interviewers if you are interested in the role

If you are interested in the role or company, make sure you tell them so before saying goodbye. Explain why you think it is a good fit for you and how your employment can be mutually beneficial.


With rising investment, project work and innovation, now is the best time to work in Defence Industry. Whether you are looking to enter the industry, looking for that next opportunity, to move up or move horizontally, how you interview will dictate your success. If you’re still in need of some more interview prep inspiration check out:


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