What we do

Kinexus are experts in the management and movement of workforces, with a focus on complex and high risk industries.

We offer much more than recruitment. We build communities within our areas of industry expertise. We have a depth and breadth of critical knowledge and information that we bring to our communities to create connections, maximise potential, manage risk and provide competitive advantage.

And then there’s all the things you would expect from a professional partner:

  • Highest quality delivery process
  • Lower risk sourcing due to our rigour and understanding of each industry
  • Relationship based culture where we partner with our communities
  • Longevity and a robust business model that has stood the test of time.
  • Access to talent nationally

We measure our success by your success.


This is the backbone of our business – it’s what we do every day.

Why do we think we do it better?

Because we invest in our consultants. They are the cream of the crop – industry experts. Well connected. Specialists, with a unique depth of industry knowledge They don’t just service the industry, they’re part of it.

Our team has grown a community of professionals whose careers are mapped and monitored, ready for the right role to open. Our familiarity with industry talent and our well-maintained national and international network enables us to hunt for the ideal person for each role. Reputation and trust is our currency, giving our clients and candidate access to off-market talent.

Combine this with our 17 years professional experience in recruitment, people management, communications, intel gathering, knowledge management and systems. That’s a winning formula.


Having access to a contract workforce requires mutual trust and shared objectives.

Our team of contractors want quality roles with the right companies for projects that suit their skill set. They want personal growth and stability. They want a great working relationship. They want an advocate who has their back.

Our client community wants the same. They also want the best workforce, so they can get on with their business. They want to be connected to the right people. A low risk, easy process with fast turnaround and good value.

Whether it’s a role for one day or for one year, Kinexus will get the fit right.

It’s a three-way partnership. Kinexus understands it. Call us.


Welcome to the Kinexus community

Advisory Services

Kinexus are known as the ‘go to’ guys for intel.

Our clients understand we have a depth and breadth of knowledge that can help them to de-risk their business process and provide insights that will give them the edge.

On a consulting basis, we can advise on:

  • HR processes and practice set up
  • Workforce planning and insights
  • Bid support
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Entering our specialist markets
  • And much more

Be ahead of the game. Contact Kinexus to discuss how we might improve your competitive advantage.

Research Capability

To be the ‘go to’ guys for intel, we need to conduct research. Lots of it.

We have our finger on the pulse of our industry sectors and a depth and breadth of knowledge. How do we get this?

We have a dedicated research team who work closely with our specialist consultant team. We gather, analyse, document and compile masses of data into digestible and relevant insights that our clients can use to de-risk their own decision making.

We have invested heavily in technology to assist the capture and communication of this data. We provide excellent intel around:

  • Market mapping
  • Market testing
  • Supply and demand insight and forecasting
  • Demographics
  • Workforce intentions and expectations
  • Salary data

Kinexus has the intel, and knows how to deploy it to your advantage.

Proud industry partners