Kinexus has maintained a dedicated rail recruitment team for over 10 years

In 2005 there was significant investment in Rail across Australia, requiring highly skilled personnel. Through its partnership with the Defence Industry, Kinexus had access to people who knew how to manage complex projects and were across the requisite safety and infrastructure issues.

Today, Kinexus is a leading Rail specialist. Through the ups and downs in the industry, we have maintained our connections and knowledge of the people, projects, systems and networks. We are poised and ready to support the industry in this exciting new era of Australian rail infrastructure.

Here’s our story in a nutshell.

  • We see a big picture vision of the industry.
  • We are known for our reliability and consistency.
  • Our intel is current and relevant, helping our clients to manage their workforces, and in turn, to de-risk their projects.  
  • We work with both Government and the private sector.
  • Our partners trust us to perform and deliver.

Kinexus can help find the right talent and the right team.


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