Late for a Meeting? 5 Excuses Not to Use

By Kinexus on 16 August 2016

There’s nothing worse than people being late to a meeting, or worse; not turning up at all.

I think I have probably heard every ‘sorry I’m late’ excuse under the sun. There are some common lines we hear a lot, some of the time these are true so I am not painting everyone with the same brush, but the regularity in which we hear them, it would be safe to assume that sometimes people are ‘bending the truth’.

If you’re having second thoughts, running late or even if something else has come up that you simply can’t avoid…tell the truth. Those little white lies catch up with you and can damage your reputation because guess what; people talk.

Here are some common excuses people on our side of the interview tend to see straight through.

I had an accident on the way
By far the most common ‘excuse’ we hear. I had an accident or got a flat tyre. In our industry, this is usually followed up with a conversation within 24hrs that’s about another job offer they have received elsewhere.

A relative was taken ill…..or even worse passed away
When this happens it is awful; as a parent, brother, husband and son I know too well things can happen at any time, and all you want to do is be there for your family. But to use it as an excuse, in my opinion, is pretty low when untrue.

I didn’t get the email
This is just usually a bare faced lie. Because, if you agreed to attend an interview and are waiting for an email to confirm the details, most people would chase it up to make sure they had the details correct and it was still happening.

I got offered another job this morning
Hmmm. This is a hard one because it could well have happened, but in my experience, most people want to think about a job offer overnight. If you do get offered a job, it’s great, that’s what you want. That’s what everyone wants for you. Just be honest and transparent, if the day before an interview you get an alternate offer, please let us know; this gives us time to notify all parties and gives them time to reschedule.

I couldn’t find the office
This is usually offered after the event when trying to find out why someone hasn’t arrived on time (or at all). It’s 2016 you have a mobile phone, if you genuinely can’t find the office, Google it or call the companies reception and ask them for directions.

Not turning up and then turning your phone off or not answering it
This just isn’t acceptable. When eventually getting hold of someone be it 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months afterwards it’s usually backed up by another excuse (probably one of the above). It’s just rude, so don’t do it.

When people are in an awkward position, many feel the need to make excuses and lie, when in reality the truth is always the best course of action.

If you can’t make an interview or meeting, call ASAP and tell the truth. You woke up late, you’ve had second thoughts or your dog had a fight with a possum and you had to take him to the vet. As I said already, sometimes the reasons are unfortunately all too real and I do encourage you to be straight – no matter how it ‘looks’.

We are all human and understand things happen and things change. Being prompt and honest enables everyone involved to get on with bigger and better things – including yourself.

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