Defence Sector Job Vacancy Trends

By Kinexus on 5 July 2018

Temporary and contract workers in demand.

Our upcoming edition of the Defence Industry Insights provides an update on the Kinexus Defence Sector Job Vacancy Index. A one of a kind index, it highlights workforce demand across Australian Defence Industry employers.

The index provides decision makers indicators of workforce demand in this rapidly changing industry.

Job Index by Employment Type

There has been a strong increase in demand for temporary and contract workers over the last six months.  Up 7.1% from 15.4% in the preceding six months.

This may indicate companies are still experiencing uncertainty around project timings and long-term workforce needs or are unable to source permanent workers.

Figure 1
Job Index by Employment Type Pie

Figure 1 represents the proportion of Defence Industry jobs advertised over S2 – 2017 by the employment types ‘permanent’ and ‘temporary and contract’.

Job Index Changes by State

Key points you need to know from the Job Index:

  • Advertising levels have increased overall during the last 12 months. Further evidence of an industry in growth mode.
  • NSW, VIC and SA advertising levels eased in the last six months. This is expected to change in 2018 with the announcements of large LAND and SEA programs.
  • The PSP sector is driving increases in ACT and demand is expected to continue to rise.

Reduced advertising levels in WA was expected, largely driven by the completion of a short-term piece of naval sustainment work.

Figure 2

Job Index Changes by State Graph

Figure 2 represents changes over the last 24 months in the number of Defence Industry jobs advertised by state. The left axis indicates the amount of change (%) from the baseline (100%) as set in S2 – 2015 (July – December 2015).

For in-depth information on remuneration expectations and trends across Defence Industry, stay tuned for our fourth edition Kinexus Defence Industry Insights.

It will also include overviews of state and sector activityworkforce demographics data and an update on the industry salary analysis, highlighting salary trends by state.

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NOTE: The Kinexus Defence Sector Job Vacancy Index has been compiled in partnership with HRO2 Research Pty Ltd. The data used for the Kinexus Defence Sector Job Vacancy Index is drawn from a thorough scan of Australia’s largest Defence Industry employer’s career portals and job boards.

Data supplied under Copyright.

Rob Kremer

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