Defence Industry Workforce Survey Results

By Kinexus on 7 June 2018

Since 2005 Kinexus has been surveying the Defence Sector workforce to gain insights on the composition and expectations of the workforce. Results from the survey conducted in February 2018 will be published in our upcoming Kinexus Defence Industry Insights.

Download a copy of the full Insights HERE and get the detailed analysis, but some key trends over the last 12 months are:

  • The number of workers in permanent roles has increased.
  • The workforce is getting older, but more experienced.
  • Confidence in the industry remains high.
  • More people are open to new job opportunities but are less likely to actively be looking.

Here is a snapshot of the Defence Industry workforce as seen from our industry survey.

Defence Workforce by Sector

The following chart represents the breakdown of respondents by sector, indicating the proportion of workers within each.

Current Employment Status

This graph represents the current employment status of respondents across the country.

Age Demographics

Here are the age demographics (in years) of the respondents currently working within Defence Industry.

Commercial Experience

This graph represents the years of experience respondents have had working within the Defence Sector, including any time spent in the ADF.

Additional Benefits

This graph represents a breakdown of additional benefits (beyond annual salary and statutory superannuation) being received across the Defence Industry. Respondents were asked to select all benefits that applied to them. Percentages represent the proportion of respondents that receive each additional benefit.

Industry Career Confidence

This graph represents the opinion of the respondents when asked ‘What is your current confidence in Defence Industry being able to provide you with a long-term career?’

Employment Changes in the Near Future

This graph represents the opinion of the respondents when asked ‘Are you considering a change in employment in the near future?’

Factors of Attraction to New Employment

This graph represents the opinion of the respondents when asked ‘What would incentivise you to take another role?’ Respondents were asked to select all that apply.

The percentages represent the proportion of respondents that would be attracted to a new role by each factor.

For more, including demographic data commentary and a detailed analysis of salary trends and remuneration expectations, stay tuned for our full publication.

The fourth edition of our Defence Industry Insights also includes an overview of state and sector activity, and an update of the Defence Sector Job Vacancy Index, which sheds light on the demand for workers as seen through advertised job vacancies.

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