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What it's Like Working for an MSP

By Kinexus on 13 June 2019
Giuliana is a passionate leader at Jacobs Australia. As the Program Manager responsible for the Jacobs Major Service Provider (MSP) contract with Aerospace Combat Systems (ACS) Branch and the Newcastle Operations Manager (Aero), she manages a large team across multiple locations to deliver high-level consulting services. Giuliana has completed degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Project Management. She has over ten years’ experience as a project manager, a background which has prepared her to understand the technical challenges her client faces in aerospace projects, delivery and sustainment. We sat down with Giuliana to understand what life is like working at an MSP in the Australian Defence Industry.
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What Are The Biggest Challenges as An ILS Manager?

By Kinexus on 7 February 2019
Amanda is an Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) practitioner with 15 years’ experience in varying logistic roles, including eight years in major capital acquisition and ten years in the Australian Defence environment. We chat to Amanda about the challenges of ILS, how she got into logistics and get her advice for others looking to understand or get into the world of ILS.
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How did you get there? An Interview with Carly Menzies

By Kinexus on 8 August 2018
Despite what they teach in schools, career paths are rarely a straight journey. They have twists and turns. Just ask Carly. Carly joined RAN as an undergraduate Marine Engineering Officer, gained her engineering degree, transitioned out to pursue her passion in the health and fitness industry, joined the Defence Industry as a contractor and now calls ASC home. She is a shining example of how one can combine the intellectual challenges of a technical role with the demands of a 20+ hour a week passion.
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How Did You Get There – An Interview with Stefan Lofhelm

By Kinexus on 12 July 2018
Stefan Lofhelm is currently a verification engineer at Rheinmetall Defence Australia. As a contract worker, Stefan has had exposure to many businesses, industries and technologies. After spending years in the Automotive Industry, his engineering and management experience has seen him successfully transition into Defence Industry. Stefan shares how he has remained valuable, how he navigates the infamous work/life balance and how he got to where he is today.
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Defence Industry Workforce Survey Results

By Kinexus on 7 June 2018
Since 2005 Kinexus has been surveying the Defence Sector workforce to gain insights on the composition and expectations of the workforce. Results from the survey conducted in February 2018 will be published in our upcoming Kinexus Defence Industry Insights. Download a copy of the full Insights HERE and get the detailed analysis, but some key trends over the last 12 months are:
  • The number of workers in permanent roles has increased.
  • The workforce is getting older, but more experienced.
  • Confidence in the industry remains high.
  • More people are open to new job opportunities but are less likely to actively be looking.
Here is a snapshot of the Defence Industry workforce as seen from our industry survey.
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How Did You Get There? An Interview with Dan Curtis

By Kinexus on 15 March 2018
Dan Curtis, Fincantieri Australia’s Seaworthiness Manager, has years of experience in leadership and management, effective planning and implementing complex projects within Govt. and Civil. He’s a respected leader of diverse, multifaceted teams with an Executive Masters in Complex Project Management and a Bachelor of Engineering, Naval Architecture. We chat with Dan about how his career has developed over the years and what advice he has for others.
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