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Bridging the Gender Diversity Gap in Defence

By Kinexus on 19 January 2017
If the Australian population is almost 50:50 male and female, why shouldn’t or more to the point, couldn’t our workforces be? While diversity doesn’t stop at gender, it’s a good place to start. We know that diversity makes business sense; not just intuitively – we now know this to be a fact. Research by McKinsey & Co shows it is becoming increasingly clear that organisations with more diverse workforces perform better financially. We all understand this, and we are all committed to it but it’s going to take a great deal more than commitment. It needs action!
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What Are the Considerations for Defence Industry Accessing Engineers from the Telco Industry?

By Kinexus on 15 December 2016
As we move into the commercial open standards arena, we can now easily recruit from purely civil Telco markets; bringing fresh ideas and approaches to meet the ever growing technology requirements of our defence force. Exciting times lie ahead, and the capabilities we can bring to the warfighter will offer that technical edge throughout the theatres the ADF operate. The defence scene in Australia is ever changing. We see some large programs kicking off, each looking to bring advanced technologies to meet the war fighter’s need. These emerging technological capabilities across the spectrum of defence are also putting an increased strain on the limited personal and resources available in Australia. We see this across all programs as they jostle for the right capability to meet their program need. The opportunity here is to transition good people from the Telco industry into defence, thus reducing the risks to schedule, quality and budget that plague projects that are understaffed. 
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What Does a Defence Innovator Look Like?

By Kinexus on 10 November 2016
What sort of people and skills do you need to drive the government’s new defence innovation agenda? Are they grown or can they be trained? Is there a textbook on innovation? The open literature is full of helpful advice and practical tools for would-be innovators; and a bit of snake oil. However, you’ll learn as much as a book can teach you if you go back to only a few primary sources. The rest is experience and judgement in applying what you learn to your own specific circumstances.
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