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The Most Common Fears About Contracting, and How to Kick Them to the Curb

By Kinexus on 7 March 2019
When it comes to the Defence Industry, the rate of companies taking on contractors is rising faster than the rate of change in our Prime Minister. It’s a great time to dip into the contracting community, but there are understandably some hesitations when it comes to being the nomads – albeit richer nomads - of the workforce. Here are some of those common reservations on jumping into the contractor space – and why they’re not as bad as you think:
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What is Better For You: An SME or Large-Scale Company?

By Kinexus on 21 February 2019
As a Naval Consultant I am often asked by Naval Sector professionals of the main differences between working for a large scale, often multi-national Defence Industry company, and working for a small to medium-sized or SME company. While there is no right or wrong and both can be great; I’ve outlined the main differences between the two and how each can benefit your career moving forward.
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How to Successfully Negotiate a Pay Rise

By Kinexus on 15 November 2018
In the defence forces, remuneration is standardised with a 6% increase over a 3-year period. Which is about 2% each year and in line with increases to the national Average Weekly Earnings. In the Kinexus 2018 salary survey, there was a reported average increase of 4.4% over a one-year period across private defence organisations. So why is this higher than the ADF and overall national average? There are probably a few reasons for this, including unstandardised pay rates, increasing investment in the industry, technical focus of most roles and the project orientated nature of the industry. However, it’s also because people simply asked for increased pay. Many ex-defence employees assume a salary increase will come around on its own, but in general, organisations won’t give salary increases above inflation (or sometimes at all) unless the raise has been asked for and negotiated. Overall, the principles of a pay increase in public or private companies are not all that dissimilar. Most pay rises come around, or are appropriate to ask for when there has been a notable jump in time in service or the level of duties being performed. The difference lies in the need to proactively ask for an increase when you work for a private industry employer. For help going through the processes for the first (or hundredth!) time, here is a quick guide to asking for a pay rise.
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Why You Should Consider a Career in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 4 October 2018
There has never been a better time to develop a career in the Defence Industry. The industry is growing and changing rapidly, with large and exciting projects coming online all the time. With a focus on upgrades, innovation and system integration there will be more jobs available than ever before. Despite the opportunities this presents, the industry is facing a lack of available talent to deliver on committed projects. As a result, many organisations have started looking outside of Defence Industry to source their workforce. While you may be concerned your previous experience or skills are not transferable to Defence Industry, some careful adjustment of how you present these will help you appeal to more defence employers. If you are open to making the switch, here are some steps you can take to demonstrate your value and increase your chances of getting your foot in the door of a new industry.
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The Best Way to Connect with Someone You Professionally Admire

By Kinexus on 27 September 2018
Networking is the cornerstone to success in any career. It opens new avenues and perspectives and creates access to the latest industry news. Although it’s easy enough to turn a coworker or a peer into a network connection, interacting with those within your direct network will only get you so far. Everyone has those one or two industry figureheads they look up to in their profession; whether it’s because they have the job they want, are an inspiring leader, or are simply impressive. Connecting with someone you admire is a bit more daunting. But there is actually a right way (and a wrong way) to go about it. To begin a natural professional relationship regardless of hierarchy, follow these three simple steps:
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How to Translate Your ADF Experience into Civvy Street

By Kinexus on 20 September 2018
More has been written on the transition of ex-service men and women out of uniform and into Defence Industry (or civvy street) than you can poke a stick at. Recruiters, hiring managers and individuals all have a part to play in the successful facilitation of this. Some military careers prepare people for an easy transition into industry; formal engineering qualifications for example. However, what of those men and women who dedicated years of their life to more operational or less technical roles? How do they translate their skills into a way commercial companies understand?
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