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What to Consider Before Applying for a Role Interstate

By Kinexus on 30 August 2018
Before applying for that great interstate role you saw advertised or expressing your interest in a project located on the other side of Australia, there are a few things you should consider first. Not being prepared for the move and the logistics that come with it can significantly impact your ability to shine as the best candidate for the job. We often work with people considering a move interstate; sometimes for clear reasons such as to be closer to family or to return home. However, career growth is usually the driver. Be that for a promotion or to be involved in a specific project. With the current defence spend and big exciting projects kicking off across the country the temptation to apply for a role interstate is higher than ever. Whether you‘re willing to relocate ‘for the right role’ or have a specific project you want to work on, doing your groundwork will help you work out if an interstate opportunity is something you can seriously consider.
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Why Now Could be the Right Time for You to Contract

By Kinexus on 23 August 2018
Contract work is increasingly prevalent in the Defence Industry. We’ve seen a 46% increase in contract jobs over the past 6 months*. With an increase in available work, now could be the right time for you to look at contract work. We all know contracting tends to pay a bit more by the hour but there are other benefits and considerations too.
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Didn’t get to the D+I Conference? Here’s What You Missed

By Kinexus on 16 August 2018
Another excellent D + I ConferenceDefence and Industry, Fundamental Inputs to Capability was held 2nd August 2018 in Canberra. Thanks to Kim Gillies and his team for putting together this event. Some themes that resonated through the whole conference included: -the speed of change in technology; innovation funding; SME experience; shortages in STEM skills and diversity. Here are my key takeaways from the conference.
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A Summary: What the Defence Industry Capability Plan Means for SME Businesses

By Kinexus on 2 August 2018
To get an understanding of the recently released Defence Industry Capability Plan I went along to hear Matt Ramage and Sheridan Kearnan from the Department of Defence speak at the July Defence Watch lunch in Canberra. The Defence Industry Capability Plan was developed to give Australia the ability to develop and control our defence capabilities. From their presentations, I identified three key themes important to Australian SME businesses and individuals working or seeking to work in Defence Industry.
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SEA 5000 Update: What the Announcement means to Your Job

By Kinexus on 19 July 2018
Finally, the wait is over. The SEA 5000 design and prime contractor has been announced. Congratulations to BAE Systems Australia (BAE). The Future Frigate program will see BAE prime the build of nine ships in Adelaide for the Royal Australian Navy. ASC Shipbuilding (ASC) will play their part in the program and become a subsidiary of BAE for the duration of the build. Whilst not entirely clear at this stage exactly what that will look like or when it will occur, we expect the ASC transition to become clearer in the coming weeks and months. ASC still need to complete the build and warranty phases of the AWD program and are due to begin constructing the first two OPV’s for Luerssen Australia under SEA 1180 later this year.
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Defence Sector Job Vacancy Trends

By Kinexus on 5 July 2018
Temporary and contract workers in demand. Our upcoming edition of the Defence Industry Insights provides an update on the Kinexus Defence Sector Job Vacancy Index. A one of a kind index, it highlights workforce demand across Australian Defence Industry employers. The index provides decision makers indicators of workforce demand in this rapidly changing industry.
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Defence Industry 2018 Salary Trends

By Kinexus on 21 June 2018
After conducting our annual Defence Industry salary survey earlier this year, we’ve identified and collated some high-level salary trends across the industry. The strong employment growth throughout the Defence Sector has caused some significant increases in remuneration levels across most Australian states. Below we’ve been able to outline the main salary variations and identified the roles with the highest percentage of salary increase over the past year. Check out what the highest growth professions in your state are.
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Defence Industry Workforce Survey Results

By Kinexus on 7 June 2018
Since 2005 Kinexus has been surveying the Defence Sector workforce to gain insights on the composition and expectations of the workforce. Results from the survey conducted in February 2018 will be published in our upcoming Kinexus Defence Industry Insights. Download a copy of the full Insights HERE and get the detailed analysis, but some key trends over the last 12 months are:
  • The number of workers in permanent roles has increased.
  • The workforce is getting older, but more experienced.
  • Confidence in the industry remains high.
  • More people are open to new job opportunities but are less likely to actively be looking.
Here is a snapshot of the Defence Industry workforce as seen from our industry survey.
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Land 400 – The State of Play

By Kinexus on 31 May 2018
In early 2018 the Federal Government announced its intention to partner with Rheinmetall Defence Australia to create the Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) as part of LAND 400 Phase 2. The first 25 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) for LAND 400 will be built in Germany, while the remaining 211 CRV’s will be manufactured and tested at the MILVEHCOE in Australia.
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Shipbuilding in South Australia – The Skills Currently in Demand

By Kinexus on 24 May 2018
Now is an ideal time to look at South Australia (SA) as a potential location for Defence Sector work. With so many new projects getting underway, such as SEA 1000 (Future Submarine), SEA 1180 (Offshore Patrol Vessels), and SEA 5000 (Future Frigate), as well as new phases of existing projects, think ‘JORN’, there will be a range of fantastic opportunities to grow your skills and experience.
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