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Defence Industry 2018 Salary Trends

By Kinexus on 21 June 2018
After conducting our annual Defence Industry salary survey earlier this year, we’ve identified and collated some high-level salary trends across the industry. The strong employment growth throughout the Defence Sector has caused some significant increases in remuneration levels across most Australian states. Below we’ve been able to outline the main salary variations and identified the roles with the highest percentage of salary increase over the past year. Check out what the highest growth professions in your state are.
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State by State Defence Sector Workforce Breakdown

By Kinexus on 14 June 2018
The Defence Sector is undergoing significant change. The concurrence of significant growth in the procurement budget, structural reform in the public sector and new market entrants all lead to opportunities as well as challenges. Each state and territory has unique defence capabilities and requirements. Here are concise overviews of Defence Sector workforce trends in each state, including key skills in demand, taken from the fourth edition of the Defence Industry Insights.
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Defence Industry Workforce Survey Results

By Kinexus on 7 June 2018
Since 2005 Kinexus has been surveying the Defence Sector workforce to gain insights on the composition and expectations of the workforce. Results from the survey conducted in February 2018 will be published in our upcoming Kinexus Defence Industry Insights. Download a copy of the full Insights HERE and get the detailed analysis, but some key trends over the last 12 months are:
  • The number of workers in permanent roles has increased.
  • The workforce is getting older, but more experienced.
  • Confidence in the industry remains high.
  • More people are open to new job opportunities but are less likely to actively be looking.
Here is a snapshot of the Defence Industry workforce as seen from our industry survey.
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Land 400 – The State of Play

By Kinexus on 31 May 2018
In early 2018 the Federal Government announced its intention to partner with Rheinmetall Defence Australia to create the Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) as part of LAND 400 Phase 2. The first 25 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) for LAND 400 will be built in Germany, while the remaining 211 CRV’s will be manufactured and tested at the MILVEHCOE in Australia.
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Shipbuilding in South Australia – The Skills Currently in Demand

By Kinexus on 24 May 2018
Now is an ideal time to look at South Australia (SA) as a potential location for Defence Sector work. With so many new projects getting underway, such as SEA 1000 (Future Submarine), SEA 1180 (Offshore Patrol Vessels), and SEA 5000 (Future Frigate), as well as new phases of existing projects, think ‘JORN’, there will be a range of fantastic opportunities to grow your skills and experience.
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What You Need to Know Before Entering the Defence Industry Workforce

By Kinexus on 17 May 2018
Defence Industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the country, with the yearly budget set to increase by over 80 percent — from A$32.4 billion in the 2016-17 FY to A$58.7 billion in 2025-26 FY — over the next decade. As the Commonwealth commits to upgrading a multitude of platforms, systems and infrastructure, the industry is experiencing a renewed focus on large-scale growth and innovation. To deliver on these large and long-term projects set out in the 2016 Defence White Paper, a collaboration between Defence and industry is a vital priority, along with huge workforce growth. As it becomes progressively clear that there are not enough workers in Defence Industry to fill all the roles needed, Defence Industry organisations are increasingly looking outside of the industry to find the talent required. Although this presents an excellent opportunity to those outside of defence looking to reap the rewards of working in Defence Industry; historically, individuals that are unfamiliar with the unique characteristics of the Defence Industry workforce have found it difficult to integrate into this complex industry. To help much-needed talent make the most of new opportunities in Defence Industry, we have compiled some tips on how to familiarise yourself with the industry before you enter it for the first time.
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TFTC: 3 Key Traits of Success You Can Master Too

By Kinexus on 10 May 2018
Last week, I had the honour of MC'ing the 2018 TFTC launch in Canberra, on Thursday 3rd May 2018. What is TFTC you ask? It stands for The Future Through Collaboration and is a Defence Industry collaboration formed in 2014. TFTC runs a mentoring program for women working in engineering and project management disciplines in the Defence Industry. 2018 is our 4th mentoring program. But this year’s launch was a bit special. You see, we welcomed 130 Defence Industry members to the launch at Hyatt Hotel, Canberra, marked our 200th participant and welcomed the Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne to deliver the Keynote Address. A far cry from the program’s humble beginnings at the Defence Russell offices three years prior. Sitting listening to our guest speakers, hearing Minister Payne’s key address and talking to our present and past participants, I walked away feeling a collective excitement for the future. Also, a collective sense of knowing what it takes to be successful. Successful in the sense of achieving what you want to. Three key concepts stood out from the conversations I had, and whilst having a mentor would certainly help, there are things we can all work on by ourselves to achieve success. These are the three prominent traits of success that you can learn to master yourself.
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Four Vital Interview Tips for Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 26 April 2018
As Defence Industry grows and searches for the talent needed to deliver its upcoming projects, it is increasingly becoming a candidate’s market. High-quality applicants are getting responses more frequently when looking for work. But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean you will be able to walk into any role you like. Defence Industry knows what it wants from its candidates and isn’t afraid to wait for the right person to come along. That might be you; but if you don’t know how to conduct yourself in an interview, you might miss the opportunity. There is a lot of information out there on how to do well in interviews, from preparation tips, to how to answer common interview questions; but Defence Industry is a complex beast with its own requirements. To avoid disappointment and ensure you are putting your best foot forward in any Defence Industry interview, follow these four key guidelines.
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Tackling The Challenges of Transitioning Out of The Forces

By Kinexus on 19 April 2018
The Defence Industry as a whole is a rich tapestry of primes, consultancies and SME’s. Given the increased demand for defence knowledge and skills, it will be critical to have a supportive environment for ADF personnel to transition into the private sector. Kinexus spoke to leaders in our industry who have successfully navigated this transition and compiled their insights.
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How to Maximise LinkedIn to Find Work in Defence Industry: Do’s and Don’ts

By Kinexus on 12 April 2018
LinkedIn has over 500 million members and a growth rate of two professionals per second. It’s currently the go-to platform for networking professionals. The small world that is Defence Industry is growing smaller still, as defence and Defence Industry employees come together to share news, insights, advice and fortunately for you, make connections to better their careers. LinkedIn is being used more and more in Defence Industry to grow careers, forge industry bonds and even source talent for upcoming positions. As the relationship between defence and industry keeps growing stronger, it’s important you utilise and navigate this valuable resource. Remember to keep in mind the importance of using LinkedIn in a way that pays tribute to Defence Industry’s unique characteristics, where the rules of engagement are different to other industries. If you’re looking to find work in the Defence Industry and make the most out of LinkedIn, keep these four key points in mind...
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