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What's On the Horizon for Defence Estate

By Kinexus on 17 November 2016
Attending the ADM ‘Defence Estate and Base Services’ Summit, it was great to hear about what’s been happening in Defence Estate, and where its heading. These are the four major changes on the horizon for Defence Estate, and what it means for the workforce. 1. Increased Funding 2. Skill Shortages 3. Trusting Contractors 4. Innovation and futureproofing With the knowledge that Defence Estate is a vital part of the growth and development of defence as a whole, here is what each of these major focal points for Defence Estate means for the people involved. 
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What Does a Defence Innovator Look Like?

By Kinexus on 10 November 2016
What sort of people and skills do you need to drive the government’s new defence innovation agenda? Are they grown or can they be trained? Is there a textbook on innovation? The open literature is full of helpful advice and practical tools for would-be innovators; and a bit of snake oil. However, you’ll learn as much as a book can teach you if you go back to only a few primary sources. The rest is experience and judgement in applying what you learn to your own specific circumstances.
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Meet The Chiefs - Challenges for Army

By Kinexus on 3 November 2016
On 7 October 2016, Kinexus attended the ‘Meet the Chiefs’ luncheon in Canberra. Speakers included Lieutenant General Angus Campbell (Chief of Army), Brigadier Chris Mills (Director General Modernisation and L400), Brigadier Shane Gabriel (Special Operations Command) and Colonel Tim Connolly (Acting Director Land Force Design). The discussions made one thing particularly clear. The Australian Army is currently in a change process. Here are the main takeaways from the event and what I see are the major changes and challenges ahead regarding the supply chain of talent to support Army. 
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What’s Happening in The Australian Naval Sector

By Kinexus on 20 October 2016
Here’s what’s happening in the Australian naval sector. Six months on from the Defence White Paper and Integrated Investment Plan we have seen some movement on the large acquisition and sustainment projects happening across navy. Significant announcements are still to come, but it’s shaping up to be a busy period in the naval domain. Below gives a quick overview of where some of the major projects are up to and what skill-sets are emerging as essential to these projects.
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The Current State of Gender Diversity in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 13 October 2016
Most of us know a diverse workforce is a good thing. It’s good for business. It’s good for team dynamics. It’s good for performance. It’s good for Defence Industry. Despite knowing it’s a good thing, actually achieving meaningful gender diversity can be challenging. Why there is a lack of gender diversity is complex. It involves leaky pipes, genetics, societal expectations, organisational cultures, and pink Barbie isles. Of course, I am over-simplifying. There are industries managing diversity improvement well, and there are those with much lower levels for gender diversity than the Defence Industry. But for an industry in desperate need to use the available workforce most effectively, we may be missing the opportunity to tap into a pool of available talent.
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Defence Watch: Defence’s Workforce and Strategic Partnership with Industry

By Kinexus on 6 October 2016
This September, Kinexus attend the Meet The Chiefs - Defence Watch event in Canberra. Dr Peter Lawrence (Chief Information Officer), Mr Aiyaswami Mohan (Chief Technology Officer), and Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Dowse (Head of ICT Operations) all gave fantastic updates on the impact of the White Paper and the First Principles Review, enterprise information management, and enterprise resource planning.
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The Top 5 Defence Industry Skills in Demand and Decline

By Kinexus on 22 September 2016
There are three main factors currently influencing the demand for skills in Defence Industry: • Project environment: Numerous procurement/ upgrade projects scheduled to commence. • First Principals Review: Changing the role of defence, and increased the scope for Defence Industry. • Technology: New technologies and capabilities require new skills
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What's Going on in the ISREW World

By Kinexus on 15 September 2016
The mystical world of Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW) is about to be shaken up. Not from a new threat vector, but from the First Principals Review/ One Defence. In recent times industry has been awarded Integrated Support Contracts (ISC) to take over some of the procurement and sustainment functions traditionally held by CASG. We have seen this on the JSF, LAND155 and LAND2072 to name a few. There is currently debate on whether this model will continue, but it’s probably safe to say that some version of it will.
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What you Need to Know About Leaving the ADF to become a BDM in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 31 August 2016
I'm increasingly placing people straight from the Defence Force into Business Development (BD) jobs. As the Defence industry is growing, it’s looking to people who have been working closer to the teams shaping the requirements, giving them an appreciation of the considerations that are ever changing. It's becoming clear that contrary to the rule of thumb, you don't have to be an existing BD professional, or part of the 'old boys network' to secure and succeed in this exciting area of the industry.
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