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Defence Watch: Defence’s Workforce and Strategic Partnership with Industry

By Kinexus on 6 October 2016
This September, Kinexus attend the Meet The Chiefs - Defence Watch event in Canberra. Dr Peter Lawrence (Chief Information Officer), Mr Aiyaswami Mohan (Chief Technology Officer), and Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Dowse (Head of ICT Operations) all gave fantastic updates on the impact of the White Paper and the First Principles Review, enterprise information management, and enterprise resource planning.
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The Top 5 Defence Industry Skills in Demand and Decline

By Kinexus on 22 September 2016
There are three main factors currently influencing the demand for skills in Defence Industry: • Project environment: Numerous procurement/ upgrade projects scheduled to commence. • First Principals Review: Changing the role of defence, and increased the scope for Defence Industry. • Technology: New technologies and capabilities require new skills
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What's Going on in the ISREW World

By Kinexus on 15 September 2016
The mystical world of Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW) is about to be shaken up. Not from a new threat vector, but from the First Principals Review/ One Defence. In recent times industry has been awarded Integrated Support Contracts (ISC) to take over some of the procurement and sustainment functions traditionally held by CASG. We have seen this on the JSF, LAND155 and LAND2072 to name a few. There is currently debate on whether this model will continue, but it’s probably safe to say that some version of it will.
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What you Need to Know About Leaving the ADF to become a BDM in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 31 August 2016
I'm increasingly placing people straight from the Defence Force into Business Development (BD) jobs. As the Defence industry is growing, it’s looking to people who have been working closer to the teams shaping the requirements, giving them an appreciation of the considerations that are ever changing. It's becoming clear that contrary to the rule of thumb, you don't have to be an existing BD professional, or part of the 'old boys network' to secure and succeed in this exciting area of the industry.
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