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2018 ADM Congress

By Kinexus on 1 March 2018
It was standing room only for many delegates at this year’s ADM Congress in Canberra. There were many notable speakers, but I thought I would focus on the numbers man, Dr Andrew Davies from ASPI, who was a stand out as usual. His analysis of the numbers provides some perspective on some of the topics of the moment.
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Skills In Demand and Skill Trends

By Kinexus on 22 February 2018
It is almost time for the release of our third edition of the Kinexus Defence Industry Insights. We are passionate about sharing our insights with the industry and are eager to provide timely intel that helps our industry make informed decisions. With that in mind, here is a sneak peek into trends impacting workforce demand and the top skill sets in demand over the next 12 months.
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Defence use of Strategic Industry Partnerships

By Kinexus on 15 February 2018
When the Defence White Paper was released in 2016, one of the announcements was that defence planned to improve their ties with industry in order to give themselves the best opportunity to access the most skilled professionals in the market, thus giving themselves the ability complete complex projects to the highest possible standard.
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Why Should Graduates Choose Defence?

By Kinexus on 8 February 2018
Having been a graduate myself at one stage I’m aware that the tail end of your degree can be a scary time of your life. There is a lot of uncertainty around what to do next and where is the right place to start building your career. In the many, ever changing industries that surround a graduate, it can sometimes be hard to work out which one would be the right choice to enhance a long and successful career. Defence has continuously provided graduates with opportunities through graduate programmes etc but why might now be a really good time to start your career in defence?
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Developing Australia’s Future Combat System Capabilities

By Kinexus on 25 January 2018
The dust has settled from the Government mandating AEGIS as the SEA5000 combat management system (CMS), and Saab’s 9LV CMS as the sovereign tactical interface to be implemented fleet-wide. This has seen a surge in recruitment of systems engineers of the combat persuasion that shows no sign of letting up. Whilst this will address the interim demand, the sustainment game for these systems post-delivery will see the workforce stretched across both east and west coasts of Australia.
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Kicking Off 2018

By Kinexus on 11 January 2018
If 2017 was anything, it was most definitely interesting. The bids are now in for many of the big-ticket programs, and the Future Submarine program is officially up and running. The awarding of LAND 400 and SEA 5000 is imminent, and it won't be long now until the announcement of the Information Communications and Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA) and Defence Support Services (DSS) panels.
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