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Staying Connected with Defence after Leaving the Forces

By Kinexus on 6 July 2017
Keeping connected with defence and up-to-date with Defence Industry on a regular and ongoing basis will be important if you see your long-term career being in or around defence projects. You might be having a career break, leaving uniform, trying out another industry for a while or even considering working in Defence Industry for the first time. However, with the expansion of defence and Defence Industry in the coming years, along with changing technology, it would be advisable to keep up-to-date with trends, new skill set requirements and project news to make the transition back, or in, to the defence game more successful. Some ideas on how to stay connected and-up-to-date on defence news are as follows:
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Our Defence Industry Workforce Survey Results

By Kinexus on 29 June 2017
Whether you’re a job seeker, or a hiring manager, having insights into the expectations and characteristics of the talent pool can help you make better decisions. Since 2005, Kinexus has been surveying the Defence Sector workforce to gain insights on the composition and expectations of the workforce. This survey represents data collected in December 2016.
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Our Wrap Up of the Defence + Industry Conference 2017

By Kinexus on 22 June 2017
The Defence + Industry Conference 2017 got off to a loud start on Tuesday last week at a gala dinner the night before the conference. Dep Sec Kim Gilles asked for a bit of Hollywood, and Footy Show host Erin Molan (daughter of ex Chief of Army) and comedian Vince Sorrenti delivered! However, they did not upstage the awesome efforts of the Essington Lewis finalists. The conference the next day commenced with capability updates. Being in the defence people business, I was paying particular attention to the updates and challenges that would affect the workforce within the Defence Sector. I noted the following points on people matters from various presenters in two large defence organisations.
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The Importance of Not Burning Bridges in the Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 15 June 2017
The Australian Defence Industry is about to experience unprecedented growth over the coming decade due to increased Government spend; with the majority of our major platforms being either replaced or significantly upgraded and changing technology to counter new and emerging threats. This will create a lot of opportunities and present people with more career/employment options than they've had in a long while, particularly when demand starts to outweigh supply. This is an opportunity you can seize and make the most of, but conducting yourself in the correct manner and with respect is as vital as ever. Essentially, ours is a small community and reputations do go a long way. You never know who you may work for or with again in the future and therefore not burning bridges is important.
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7 Considerations to Make Before Becoming a Defence Industry Contractor

By Kinexus on 8 June 2017
Our soon to be published Defence Sector Jobs Vacancy Index will show that the rate of contract/ temp jobs in the Defence Sector is rising faster than permanent jobs. This is fairly typical of an industry in growth mode, and with demand for permanent workers with Defence Sector skills about to outstrip supply, many companies will seek to fill the gaps with contracted talent. Obviously, there can be a number of advantages to taking up contract roles:
  • Greater flexibility
  • Opportunities to work on a wide range of projects
  • Higher earning potential
  • Less company politics to consider
  • More opportunity for career breaks and travel
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